BlogStudio for .Mac

MacCentral announces BlogStudio for .Mac by LittleHJ, a tool for .Mac subscribers to build their own weblog on their .Mac Homepage:

Blog Studio integrates with iLife 04 and iSight, allowing you to mix text and images, create slide shows and music albums, movie albums and file sharing. Twenty templates are included along with 11 photo frames. Keyword searching is supported, RSS 2.0-compliant XML feeds can be generated, as well as calendar views.

Now watch the power of weblogs. Five months ago, the padawan who happens to be a very demanding customer of Apple, wrote this:

What I need that .Mac does not provide is the ability to host a MT weblog, do some PHP, have a MySQL database, that sort of hosting which is, for me, fairly “standard”. I know that iBlog is free for .Mac users but this is not the tipping point for me. My real expectation with .Mac is that Apple extends the concept of connected applications (something Macromedia dubbed Rich Internet Application) like iTunes is to its Music Store. The missing link is a weblog application as a full member of the iLife suite, with the look & feel of a Mac OS application.

We're getting close ;-).

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