The "Lin---s" (LinDash) program makes the leading desktop Linux available in those countries where the Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Corporation has blocked availability. Lin---s makes the affordable and robust operating system available to Dutch citizens through the website at and from participating resellers.

"Dutch citizens deserve the same choices that are currently available to the citizens of more than one hundred countries around the world. LinDash ensures that the Netherlands will have affordable, virus-free options instead of just expensive Microsoft software."
~ Michael Robertson, CEO of

Interesting choice with two interesting possibilities. Either Microsoft fails to enforce its trademark claims on the word windows in courts and Lindows will swiftly move back to its original name, or Microsoft wins and has just four more letters to dash. Or may be just three, they might be forced to recognize that they don't own the letter L.

May be Michael Robertson should register, just in case.

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