Is Mac OS X 10.3.2 unstable?

Since the last update of Mac OS X to 10.3.2, I now "enjoy" application crashes like it's Mac OS 9 again. On both a G5 and a PowerBook G4.

Is it just me or does someone else have the same problem?

I keep sending crash reports to Apple (a new feature it seems, somehow apologetic).


Pas de problème de mon côté. Mauvaise étoile ?

Me to! and Finder is really unstable!

Running 10.3.2 on Quicksilver and iBook.

despite others on line telling my I was wrong, I also had nothing but problems with 10.3.2 despite a number of reinstalls, checking for faulty memory, repair permissions and all that stuff, nothing helped. I finally reinstalled to 3.1.1 and have had no more kernel panics- only a few mouse related freezes on wakeup.

I experience the mouse freezes a lot (Logitech wireless mouse) unless I wake the computer *with* the mouse.

I also have consistent kernel panics each time I plug my camera in the USB port now. That one is the most frustrating problem, as you can imagine!

This may sound like an odd question, but are you using a router? I was also having all manner of problems with 10.3.2 until someone advised me to update my router firmware [draytek]. Now those problems have gone. Even if you aren't using a router perhaps you have other peripherals which need updating. Trying that could help.
Good luck, Chidi

The only router in the installation is the AirPort base station. But I experienced an increase in crashes on a second G5 that's in the office with a different network connectivity.

One potential culprit is Norton SystemWorks.

I also was having frequency "Unexpected Quits" of a large variety of applications with OS X 10.3.2. None of the usual suggestions (Repair Permissions, Repair Disk, Reset PRAM and NAVRAM, reinstall Panther) were of any benefit. When Disk Warrior 3.0.1 became available, I ran the graph of the Directory File which showed that there was 29% fragmentation. Optimizing Directory File with Disk Warrior reduced the problem of "Unexpected Quits" from several times daily to rare (once a week). The fix was only temporary, however. As soon as fragmentation of the Directory File exceeded 10%, the crashes increased in frequency. Now I run Disk Warrior once a week. What's wrong with Panther?

I suspect that 10.3.2 is not that unstable in itself, but rather very peculiar about who it works with. Have you checked out the Apple support messages, Macintouch or Macfixit? I usually find a fix to my Mac problems at one of these places.


I have not experienced a single kernal panic.
I got my powerbook in Oct 03 and it has been fine.
Done all updates. The other day I did a fix pemissions not because I needed to but because I was bored. It found a few incorrect settings.

On the whole, so far I'm very impressed. I'm using a wireless router and it's working fine too.

I am running Panther in my iBook. I had several kernel panics, and everyday I have crashes of Safari, IE, etc. In my opinion this is as bad as OS9, not the rock solid OS Apple wnated to sell.

I have had nothing but bad luck with my PB G4 1.25 running 10.3.2. Crashes often on wake from sleep, Tried all the voodoo--there is a huge mass of lore about why these machines crash on wake. Some say it's 10.3.2, others say it's hardware. others find gremlins in other programs. I tried reinstall, hardware reset, I even returned the machine to Apple, and it was returned with "could not reproduce." What a deep disappointment to pay such big $ for such a buggy machine! While Apple had the G4, I fired up my old Wall Street 266 with 10.1. Ran like a dream! No crashes. And that PB is beautiful--the engineering and style all a single package of perfection, still running strong after 5 years of daily use. What has happened to Apple quality?

The problems described above on this page remind me of problems I had with my G4 dual 1GHz MDD in its first three months (under OS 10.2). The hard-to-reproduce problem (Apple Hardware Test never turned up anything, for example) was eventually traced to a third-party RAM chip sold me with the computer. I eventually returned the chip and bought one from Crucial, and have had no problems since - even after upgrading the machine to OS X v. 10.3, which I have read is more prone to problems with very slightly defective RAM chips than 10.2.

An easy test: attempt to reproduce the problem with only factory RAM installed (some third-party RAM chips are actually factory seconds, so the slightly-bad likelihood's a bit higher), and see if you can reproduce the problem. You might also try and reproduce the problem with only your third-party RAM chip (assuming you have one), on the somewhat-less-likely odds that it's your factory RAM that's choking the Panther.

If you can't reproduce the problem with one of your RAM chips removed from the computer, there's your problem. Replace with a new RAM chip from a reputable vendor, and all should be well.

Good luck!

My 400 MHz Power Mac G4 running 10.3.2 use to crash with the "press restart button" screen whenever I plugged in my Cannon A60 into my Newpoint USB Hub, when running iPhoto or Image Capture. I operated normally if I either removed the Logitech wireless mouse driver, or if I connected the camera directly to the USB port on the computer. OS X has USB issues.

I also occasionally get mouse freezes waking from sleep. This can be resolved by unplugging, then reconnecting the USB cable leading into my hub. This seems to reset the USB driver. (My hub connects to my printer, mouse, scanner, & camera cable.) I had the mouse freezes problem with 10.2 also. ... Again, OS X needs more work on it's USB driver.

francois- my mouse freezes are from a logitech wireless as well. I have had it plugged into the back of the computer and the keyboard. It probably happens every 5th time I wake the computer or so. Still, things have been less aggravating under 3.1.1 by far. By the way, I am not doing any updates for security or any program I rarely use because I don't want to spend my productivity trying to cure computer glitches. While I'm at it I'll see anyone's experiancing my other glitch. A few time a week my computer doesn't find my modem after it wakes up. I have to either reboot or try another time- then it is recognized..

I had a number of problems like applications quitting unexpectedly and the whole machine freezing and odd display re-freshing. I decided to re-install Panther "clean", which I had not done for either Jaguar (if I remember right) or Panther originally. After the clean installation, all my problems disappeared. I used to think that all the people who advocated clean installations were being too cautious, but I will do only clean installations from now on.

My 10.3.2 is rock solid IFF I quit Safari after it launches java. If I don't, I will get a kernel panic upon wake from sleep. This seems to be new with the latest Java/Safari release.

Otherwise, everything is quite stable with no other action from me.

I too have had kernel crashes with both my iMac and G4 powerbook. Its been quite frustrating. I've been looking for a forum to discuss this. I too have an Airport and I think I recall reading something about the recent Airport firmware update causing this...

There are several lengthy threads about this issue at MacNN, ArsTechnica, and Apple's Discussion forums. The 10.3.2 update has caused a lot of trouble for many Mac users. There seems to be two or three causes for the crashing. One is a bug in the CrashReporter system. The other is caused by Airport 3.3 (downgrading fixes the problem).

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