Safari gripes

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Today I came across a painful "feature" of Safari that I'm willing to call a bug as it is the most annoying one I have found on this otherwise excellent browser that has become my browser of choice since almost its first day of public light.

Selecting a bookmark folder set as "Auto-tab" will replace any already open tabs. I just lost ten tabs I kept for writing an article. This is, to remain polite, a very stupid UI choice. Add to that the lack of a way to save open tabs (very useful in situations when you really need to quit the browser, or when you are about to quit and forgot about open tabs), and clearly the user experience regarding tab-browsing on Safari (something I'm now highly addicted to) has room for improvement.

This grabs the first place to the now second most annoying UI behavior: the habit of Safari to constantly change the window height when showing or hiding control bars (tabs, status, bookmarks)*. This is particularly annoying for me as I always maximize the window height and find myself constantly re-maximizing it just because I closed the penultima tab and the window shrunk. The reason why I find this stupid is that -- to the exception of the tabs bar which does it by itself -- I close those bars to gain browsing space, I therefore don't want to see Safari reclaim that space only to force me to maximize the window again. The behavior I expect is: don't change the window height at all!

And the last gripe I have is actually a plug-in bug I already mentioned: the propensity of Safari to stop loading pages once it reaches some QuickTime and Flash movies.

Sorry for the rant, but loosing one hour of web digging because of Auto-tabs made me really angry. A long time ago I was almost used to loose data when an Office application decided to crash every other hour and take the whole system with it, now that I'm back to the stability of Unix, I just don't expect an Apple application to thrown away my data by design!

[Update] (*) This has been corrected in Safari 1.2 (v125) which no longer changes the window size when adding or removing toolbars.