Quick Jobs' MWSF 2004 Keynote Report

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Some quick notes taken fresh from Steve Jobs' keynote at Macworld SF 2004, organic with chunks of natural typos.

There are 60,000 QT live streams pulled from 100 countries (mine is running smoothly at 250Kb, that event must be a bandwidth wet dream for Akamai).

A look back at the Corporate boilerplate, focus on reinvented the computer in 1980' (for the youths that weren't even born at that time). The computer for the rest of us, a decade in advance from anything else. First company to bring 32 bits PC (not true, the Sinclair QL went out just a few days before the original Mac in an attempt to grab that place from Apple, and some say it's the reason why it failed). Run the 1984 ad video, which was played only once at that time (actually, they reworked it, the woman now has an iPod!).

Great 20th anniversary year of the Mac with lots of great products along the year.

Mac OS X. With MS copying us again, it feels great. 9.3M users, 10M this quarter (40% of install base).

Final Cut Express 2.0 (raah, I bought the 1.0 just a few weeks ago). RT performance, "RT extreme", up to 5 DV streams in real time. $299, $99 upgrade.

MS Office 2004. Word Notebook, taking notes. Linked to Entourage notifications. Record audio (QT MPEG4). Project software (name?). Xcel page layout (nothing exciting here). Available in the spring, free upgrade from today to buyers of Office X.

Power Mac G5. Virginia Tech (1,100 PM dual G5 cluster). Ranked 3rd fastest cluster, 40 times cheaper than the #2. Nothing new here.

Xserve G5. Single and dual 2.0GHz. Ships in February.

Xserve RAID. 3.5TB. RAID set slicing up to 16 units. Certified on more than Mac OS X (incl. Windows and Linux). $3/GB, cheaper than other big names.

iTunes. 30M songs sold on iTMS. 70% market share. Feels great to get above that 5% doesn't it? Top customer bought $29,500 of songs. 50,000 audio books, 100,000 gift certificates sold. Adding 12,000 classical tracks today, total of 500,000 songs (largest online store). PEPSI and Apple are giving away 100M songs this year.

iLife '04. Like MS Office for the rest of your life ;-). iTunes as known today. iPhoto 4, scale up to 25,000 photos (the demo is impressive, I hope the G5 he's using is not on steroids), Rendezvous photo sharing, time-based and smart albums, paper prints available in Europe in March (this month in Japan). iMovie 4, some editing enhancements and new titles, iSight direct import (yeah!), easy sharing through iDisk/.Mac. iDVD 4, 2h with better video quality, map (allows you to build complex menus). New 5th app: GarageBand, a "major new pro music tool", turns the Mac into an instrument and recording studio, mix up to 64 tracks, play over 50 instruments (USB, Midi keyboard, eh! I could play the organ again or finally try the clavichord), record live performance (amazing demos with a guitarist). Comparing what you need to buy on Windows to come close is $350, iLife is $49 (free with new macs, and what's for recent buyers?). Ships 01/16. Companion products: GarageBand extras and USB musical keyboard both at $99. I wonder how long it will take until we see a community site built around iTMS where one can upload their GarageBand productions.

iPod: 730,000 sold last quarter, 2M sold in total in Dec. 31% market share in volume Oct-Nov, 55% in revenues (#1 in both). Update line to 15/20/40GB. New Apple in-ear headphones at $39 (nice!). Want to go after the high-end Flash-memory players (brings a picture of a 256MB Rio at $199). iPod mini: 4GB, 1,000 songs, size of a business card and 0.5' thick, same user interface as the iPod, $249. Accessories: dock (I suspect it's different from the iPod dock) and arm-band. Comes in colors (er, I'll go for the silver one). Ships in February in the US, April elsewhere.

And that's all folks, for today.

Update: Rio wasn't long to reply, with a 4GB MP3 player at $249.