Free-prose spammers

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You have been receiving more and more of the following by email lately:

elute middle megabyte maximal coop unbeknownst border shako thatch armata mask iq emolument chisel pip decrypt axiomatic asiatic acceptant angle decker infield thrombosis spawn flounce chink leninism compassion desperado bourgeois bordeaux ginsberg pentagram shan't theocracy columbus bellyfull duplicable reflectance lawmen obfuscate derogate tv

Or this, a little easier to decrypt:

fe.eling hun.gover? - use mira.cle magi.c
enlarg.e your manh.ood - magn.arx peni.s pa.tch

Wired pretends that these random acts of spamness reason are done to fool anti-spam filters:

This is not a failed attempt at free-form prose. It's a snippet of a spam message intended to promote a sexual stimulant, a deliberate crack at sneaking past and spoiling some of the most popular antispam filters.

But The Register has been fact-checking this against a real spammer. Yes dear: Sp@m: the myst.eries xp1ained!!!

Following Occam's Razor, I say that El Reg is right. Besides, none of the above tricks have fooled my Apple Mail filter, QED.