Apple to revise iPod mini UK price

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Ask and you shall receive, Apple is considering a price revision on the iPod mini in the UK:

In an interview, Apple vice president Greg Joswiak told Online the price announcement was "subject to change" and that the company would settle on a UK price "closer to the availability date, simply because of the volatility of the currency exchange".

The exact pricing would depend on the strength of dollar relative to the pound, he said. "What we don't want to do is lock Europe into a price now, see the dollar continue to weaken, and have done all of ourselves a disservice by pricing too early," said Mr Joswiak.

Now since the markup on the French price is actually even worse than the UK one, the iPod mini should sell at 199€ (VAT not included) in the Euroland (that would turn into 237€ VAT incl. in France instead of 299€). The trouble is, I don't see such outcries on this side of the Tunnel. It might be time for a little translation.