Safari plug-in bug?

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I think I'm coming closer to a nasty bug in Safari. I realized some time ago, while digging around Macromedia's Breeze presentations, that Safari would refuse to load anything after a failed attempt at launching some of the Flash videos. Today, after viewing the More video (which ran fine), Safari turned itself into stubborn donkey mode again -- annoyingly, with about 15 tabs open which I have to save manually before quitting. In both cases, it involves a plug-in (Flash 7 and QuickTime 6.5), and that may be the source of the problem. My version of Safari is 1.1.1 (v100.1) but I suspect that this behavior was present in the previous version.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?

P.S. : I cannot reproduce the bug with the More video (I remember that I had a lot of disk activity just after it was completely downloaded, may be running low on memory/swapping), however this Breeze presentation will freeze Safari each time. Click on the "Start Presentation" button, the control below the first slide will read "Buffering..." forever and Safari will refuse to load anything else after that. Same with this one.