Saddam Hussein captured in Iraq

Saddam Hussein has been captured in Iraq. This is great news and I hope it will be a cornerstone in the liberation of Iraq, and an important sign would be if he's judged in Iraq, by an Iraqi court (but not before late 2004 since there are no legitimate authorities yet).


What exactly do you mean 'liberation of Iraq?' The fact that Mr. Hussein has been captured has very little direct importance for the *rebuilding* of Iraq. As we all saw, he was pretty much powerless in his position when he was captured. I think we'll all see that.

Erm, I mean, I think we'll all see that nothing will really improve now that he's captured.

> What exactly do you mean 'liberation of Iraq?'

Good question. I mean by that being a sovereign democracy.

Now that he's being captured, that's one job completed and one less reason for the occupation forces to stay there.

I agree with your clarification wholeheartedly.

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