US geek politics, anecdotal evidence

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Might the Microsoft vs. Open Source schism be really more of a political choice than a technical one? Doc Searls forays into some American big parties technological choices:

For what it's worth, the Republican National Committee is running Microsoft IIS on Windows 2000, while the Democratic National Committee is running Apache on Linux.

As of this writing, November 5, 2003, the RNC has an uptime of 4.26 days (maximum of 39.04) and a 90-day moving average of 16.91. The DNC has an uptime of 445.02 days (also the maximum) and a 90-day moving average of 395.38 days.

On a side note, Wes Clark is taking the weblog ride and will leverage supporters weblogs on his own site. Clark's official weblog is using MovableType with Apache on Linux. So are Dean and... W! (But Junior has his site served by IIS on Windows 2000.)

As Doc writes, draw your own conclusions.