Safari 1.1 vulnerable to old cookie exploit

[Follow-up: this issue has been fixed on Dec. 5]

SecurityFocus reports that Safari 1.1 is vulnerable to an old Mozilla cookie exploit that was reported about a year ago (perform the test to see by yourself).


So what, if anything, are we advised to do? Stop using the browser altogether?

Report that URL in droves through the "Report Bugs to Apple" and ask them to fix this hole asap. And avoid spams or dubious sites that could use such a trick to sniff your cookies :-).

Just out of interest, someone has developed an input manager to workaround the bug. Via Macintouch, Cookie Monster Fix.

Good tip G, or I should say that it seems like a good tip. For all I know, my cookies are all being send to the CIA now *snarf*

On the paranoia tip, the fix is unofficial and although the source code is bundled with the input manager I have no way of knowing if this is right way to go. The security focus list has a message with a disclaimer -- use it at your own risk!

Such is life. Without the patch I am exposed, with the patch I might be.

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