Printer anyone?

When I used the inkjet printers as raw model for my first-sale entrapment post, I didn't think of this: don't buy new expensive cartridges, just buy a new printer!

At the shop, I found that the kind of cartridge I need costs €60. A few metres away from the cartridge rack they were selling new printers, and I ended up seriously considering not buying a cartridge, but a new Epson printer for only €45 (that is including a set of ink cartridges which cost €47 if bought separately).

Next to it they were selling a cheapo Lexmark printer at €30. I checked the price of its printer cartridge — €35. I was so perplexed that I left the shop without an ink cartridge and without a printer.

So next time you need an ink cartridge, don't buy one. Get a new printer instead. I know this generates an unnecessary amount of garbage, but as long as you can buy printers at prices below those of ink cartridges, it makes no sense to buy cartridges. [via Too Much News]

I have done this before with an electric tooth brush, the tool with three new brushes came cheaper than buying a new set of brushes alone. There are probably many other examples of this kind of teasers around. The consumption society is getting crazier and crazier...