Neistat brothers' dirty little lie

After reporting about the iPod's dirty little secret, I'm pointed by Leslie to the Neistat brothers' dirty little lie. In brief, it appears that Apple has an iPod battery replacement program which costs about $106 (US only, I was not able to find the same program in France or in Europe), and that the Neistat brothers knew it but never amended their show. I already linked in my previous post to a third party where you can DIY for about $50.


The headline on the Neistat bros.' page "A Message from the Neistat Brothers"

"In response to this my brother Van and I made the short film "iPod's Dirty Secret" After we finished production of the film, but not necessarily in response to it, Apple began offerring a battery replacement program for the ipod for a fee of $99 and an extended warranty for the ipod for $59.

We think Apple's new policy is fair. Our movie is a documentation of our experience."

Apple DID screw up, then corrected there mistake. End of story.

i'm disappointed that apple would call the brothers "stupid" and what not when they clearly made the video for a good reason (before apple offfered the replacable battery). go eat your "dirty little lie" words.

Where/when has Apple called them stupid, exactly?

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