Beware of the ç

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Oh my! I ruined Peter Rukavina's blogroll (update: he's found a fix since). It's probably the saddest side-effect I've had on the blogosphere so far (but I'm confident I can outperform myself again in the future). Peter, I'm sorry. But you should blame the US ASCII monoculture for that. Don't you think that, in 2003, it's an absolute shame that a character as common as ç can still cause such trouble for most information technologies out there? I share your pain, I can't tell you how many times a day I struggle with registration systems, cookies, etc. that cannot properly swallow my first name. François is my second name :(.

We'll talk about that again around 2010. After a decade spent at exporting all IT jobs to Mumbaï, we'll see if that helps us sort this problem out.