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The BBC announces that production is under way on the Tertiary Phase of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, with episodes due to begin airing on Radio 4 in spring 2004.

"Every sci-fi fan wants their old show to be reborn. Fans of Doctor Who have a new series to look forward to, and Thunderbirds fans have a feature film – but Hitchhiker’s Guide fans have both."


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Note to my friends who tell me (with a slightly jealous voice) that my English writings are too difficult to understand: I have tried to read the Hitchhiker's Guide in English many, many times, and it's frankly too difficult for me to grab all the jokes. I pay my respect to the French translator, who wrote on the back cover of almost every book in the series that he would never do it again and did a terrific job each time! And I mourn Douglas Adams just as every fan.