Weblogging = work

I must confess something. I delayed posting as much as possible. To enjoy the holiday break as long as possible.


While going out of the subway back from the office tonight, a strange idea crossed my mind. You see, holidays are supposed to help you get a break from weblogging.

Er, from work!

What a freudian slip.

No, seriously, it's been good to make a break from both. I have published about 400 posts in the past 300 days (plus about one post per day on my French weblog in the last two months), it's almost a second job.

Ah, not thinking about something intelligent or just worthy to write about everyday!

Not that I ever did it before, mind you. Thinking, I mean. I think only when I'm on holiday. Or when getting to bed.

Ahem, that must be the jet lag. Sorry for this, the regular program should resume soon.

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It's okay François, blogging often feels like work to me as well.

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