Verisign, bad citizen of the net?

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VeriSign's clumsy, unilateral attempt to hijack the DNS space through its SiteFinder wildcard service (and its goofy FUD-filled management statements since) proves that profiteering decisions can -- and do -- endanger the Internet more than any hacker or computer attack. It also proves once again that the Internet community -- ISPs, developers, engineers, and other experts -- can come together to effectively and quickly counter corporate, not just criminal, attacks on the network infrastructure - and we owe them our thanks.

Guess who wrote that? Richard Forno, who is no less than the former Chief Security Officer at Network Solutions (now owned by VeriSign), in a must-read piece about Spinning SiteFinder: FUD, brought to you by VeriSign.

For an explanation of FUD, see The Newbie's Guide to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.