Comment spamming, ter

There seems to be a significant increase in comment spamming on weblogs. Just over the past 24 hours, I have removed 12 comments, some coming from bots, some posted manually. My IP banning list has now 19 sub-nets and I'm actively looking for an automated solution. Needless to say, I am looking forward Jay Allen's forthcoming MT-Blacklist which is supposed to make its grand appearance this Monday.

I am also looking for a solution to auto-close comments after some delay, since for reasons that still escapes me, spammers usually target old entries. Because of this, I have refrained from publishing a list of the last comments on this weblog home page, which is too bad because that would be a good addition.

And I am starting to get impatient about seeing Six Apart get serious about comment spamming and release a new version of MT that is more foolproof to this new plague.


if you're using mysql as mt's db and have php available, then's solution may help you.

Thanks. I had seen it before writing this post, but unfortunately, the link to his script is dead. May be it's just temporary, I'll give it another try later.

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