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As far as Adrian Holovaty is concerned, "people who do Web development for a living yet don't use a custom-built weblogging system shouldn't be trusted."

You have been warned.

Pfouh! I'm lucky I don't do much Web development those days. The Trotts are safe.

Tom Coates disagrees, so does Christian Crumlish. [Update] Paul Hammond nails down that the truth is, of course, in between the extremes.

Note that Adrian's site is in my list of best designed, original, usable web sites. He has a good plume too. He is a demanding journalist who has raised the bar far higher than we, simple mortals, do. The code to open external links in new windows comes from his site, with permission. He's a source of inspiration and I guess that his own inspiration sources are even more demanding. That's how I interpret his apparent contempt for ready-made blogging software.

And I cannot disagree with good humor when I see it: "I’ve never liked Macs, although I’d be happy to use one if you pointed a gun to my head."

Now get back to your templates and plug-ins, and revamp me that yet-another-cloned-blog, will you?