Protected CD judged abusive in France

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A few months ago we heard that two consumers-defense organizations sued four music majors on the basis that anti-copy protections on CDs are abusive.

This Tuesday, EMI was condemned and mandated to refund a protected CD or provide an unprotected copy to a woman who couldn't play it in her car CD player. The court deemed the protected CD as defective. The shop which sold the CD was also sued for lack of information but not condemned, apparently because of a "broken" proof of purchase. Shops in France are now likely to affix stickers on protected CDs to warn customers about their limitations, and therefore lift their liability. Further cases involving Warner Music France and Universal Pictures are in progress.

These actions are pursued to halt the new habit of the majors to put copy protection technologies on their CDs. Those technologies are considered ineffective because they do not stop pirates and abusive because they limit the fair use rights of the legitimate consumers.

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