Do you want French fries with that?

G.W. Bush — I need French troops in Irak
Jacques Chirac — Do you want French fries with that?

Damelon thinks that they shouldn't stop the renaming:

If you really want to make friends with the French again try injecting just a little sincerity into your conduct. Actually treat them as a sovereign nation and quit threatening them whenever they don't do exactly what you want! But if that's not possible and all you can manage is to rename some food, rename some of your own. For instance I am sure it would greatly amuse the French if you would rename American Cheese with a little accuracy. How about: Oil and water sludge.


Yeah... well, guilty as charged. The idea that anybody's government could waste time on this is offensive, but if they are going to waste the time anyway, they may as well inject a little accuracy into the process.

Posting from Canada, I take it?

Hé hé, but we like humour noir so I agree with Pierre, your post deserves a nomination ;-)

I'm posting from Wellesley near Boston, we're taking the bus to Montreal this afternoon at 5h30 and will arrive past midnight (it's actually faster than taking the plane, since Delta Airlines insists on sending us to Atlanta or Cincinnati!)

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