If I'm lucky in can finish this post before midnight: Phil Ringnalda: never on a Sunday.

I agree with Phil that what appears to be a chicken-and-egg problem is rather due to the lack of postings on weekends, not the lack of readers. Would it be that most webloggers consider it a weekday activity? Should we take a closer look at the frontier between our personal and professional lives? And what about the weblog vs. family time (ahem)?

For me the real factor is clearly inspiration, and inspiration comes and goes on a pretty random basis. Inspiration hates timeframes. When you're on a deadline you can resort to improvisation, but weblogs don't work well through improvisation. The weblog spirit -- a sort of blogosphere emulation -- of posting something on a daily basis sounds like gymnastic, and indeed it is close to a sport (something I'm not good at either). I try to keep up with the pace but strike a balance between the exercise of forming, refining, writing down an idea quickly, and the real pleasure of getting inspired by an idea that popped up like a lit match and as such could be extinguished in no time, take the time to nurture it and put it down, nicely, with style if possible with this extra weight of expressing myself in a foreign language.

This is my real pleasure with weblogging. There is no agenda here(*), and the quality is random. I hope I'll be able to sustain this chaotic journey and that you'll find something for you around.

(*) I did not think of it this way, but contrary to the standard weblog (if such thing exists), you won't find a calendar here. I might add a monthly archive as content grows, but I disliked the idea of a calendar from day one.