The French Paradox explained

A propos of this story in the Guardian, which is another attempt to explain the so-called "French paradox":

"Scientists have another solution for the notorious "French paradox" - the riddle of how a nation of alcohol-quaffing, croissant-munching gourmands stays healthy and slim, while a disproportionate number of health-obsessed Americans are obese and at cardiovascular risk.

The answer, after methodical study of brasseries, eateries, pizza parlours, Chinese restaurants and Hard Rock cafes in both countries, is simple: the French eat less of everything. And they eat less because they are served smaller portions. The French paradox has baffled European and US scientists for more than a decade.

Olivier Travers has a good laugh:

Baffled scientists for more than a decade? Come on. The first time I went to the US 14 years ago, I was baffled that what we call a bucket over here in Europe passed for a glass in Los Angeles. If you drink Coke by the liter and have 6 meals a day (Americans really keep eating all the time) you're going to get fat, OK? So after all we French have some common sense lessons to provide to the supposedly more pragmatic Americans.

It's time to convert our American friends to the metric system once and for all, and launch a new brand of food dubbed French Paradox. Yes sir, that's a bottle of 25 cl of Coke for the price of half a gallon, but that's much healthier. Take a 6-pack!

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"I was baffled that what we call a bucket over here in Europe passed for a glass in Los Angeles."

Boy am I glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that line.

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