Online music stores in Europe

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CNet, Europeans to get Music Stores:

A new pay-by-the-song music service is launching in Western Europe, putting an iTunes-like digital download store inside Microsoft's Windows Media Player

Branded variously as the MSN Music Club and Tiscali Music Club, the service is actually run by online music company OD2, rather than by Microsoft itself. As with Apple Computer's iTunes, the stores will be accessible inside the music-playing software itself. In this case, each may be accessed by a tab in the Windows Media Player premium services section.

I have some doubts about the comparison between WMP and iTunes, but it seems that at a time where Apple only plans to open its music store to U.S.-based Windows users, Europe will enjoy several solutions aimed at Windows users only. You know better Apple, a significant chunk of your revenue has been coming from outside the U.S. for quite some time now.

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