Microsoft adds Exchange connection to Entourage X

Microsoft Office v. X 10.2.4 Update will update all Office applications from a 10.2.2 version and allows Entourage to connect to an Exchange server.

We don't use Exchange on this side of the Channel, but on the other side, I know the colleague who will serve as the guinea pig ;-). I wonder if it can connect to this as well.

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This is the WORST update I have ever seen in my life!! Microsoft REALLY doesnt want MAC users to enjoy the luxury of Exchange server, even though exchange, and entourage are both their products.

The update allows a 'connection' to exchange; but not the kind everyone is used to. It will connect to exchange, but you will NOT be able to enter any information directly onto your exchange mailbox. Entourage syncs to exchange (at a time interval which you choose) but will not sync notes, tasks, or categories.

This is just crazy, they announced entourage for exchange over 6 months ago, and now they release this nightmare to the world..

Stay away from it!

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