Lost sale

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I just cancelled my Apple Store order for a PowerMac G5, an iPod and an iSight. I made that order on June 30, admittedly in a bit of an impulse but also because I had a rebate coupon that otherwise would have expired two days later.

Two months later I'm being told that there is about zero chance that my order will depart from Cork before October, with an additional week of delay for shipment. Three months for something that was sold on the promise it would ship between 7 and 10 weeks, added to the refusal of the Apple Store to ship me the iPod and iSight -- which they have in stock -- before the G5, is more than I can take.

Three months is an awful delay in the IT industry, so reason is taking over the geek impulse, an effect of age I guess. I'll let to others the pleasure of discovering the first version of the G5 and check its quality for me. My good old PowerMac G3 is still working after all, and prices cannot go up.