Mozilla Marketing

Noting the creation of the Mozilla Foundation, I wrote a few days ago that:

[...] it will take more than good programmers to help the Mozilla breed to fight competition, and I hope we will soon see some efforts towards a better communication to the grand public because coding to the very best standards is nothing if you’re your only user.

This is chose faite with the launch of the Mozilla Marketing Project. A "baby-steps" launch actually since it is currently reduced to a mailing-list and what is called the marketing Bugzilla repository. And that's where it gives me the creeps. This thing, which aims at collecting ideas, is run under Bugzilla!

Bugzilla is certainly a respectable bug tracking system and an art-piece representative of the design and usability skills of C++ developers, but in today's world of weblogs, forums and zen-like design, this is repellent. If we forget about design, even a Wiki would be better than Bugzilla. Guys, you must know better.

Would someone with a marketing background be kind enough to give a little help to the Mozilla developers, please?

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