TypePad beta round 2

The second round of TypePad beta testing has started. Six Apart has sent a survey to its subscribers, and will select 1500 new beta testers by July 3. Here is what one gets after filling in the survey form:

Entries selected for beta testing will receive a reply by July 3 and will be expected to abide by a very limited non-disclosure agreement (we'll ask that you don't talk extensively about the beta-testing on your site) [...]

if you're not picked for this round, don't worry, as we'll be soliciting even more testers in the weeks to come.

As expected, beta testers will be asked to refrain from blogging about TypePad. And it looks like there will be another round before the service is launched.

No insider information here, but it looks like TypePad is hosted at Pair Networks, their DNS is managed by PairNIC, and their IP address is within the range attributed to Internap Network Services, an Internet connectivity provider. It all sounds good.

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