Standards dialog

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Me: your tree menu weights 150 KB for only 20 items.

The developer: yes but that's because you required that it works also on Netscape.

Me: Mozilla, but that's not the point. You could do it with probably one tenth of the code if you used web standards.

The developer: hu?

Me: like that. Look at the code.

The developer: hu!

Me: yep. Told you so one year ago.

The developer: the designer says that it's the kind of stuff that typically doesn't work on Netscape.

Me: hu? I tested it with IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Firebird and Safari. Works fine. Actually that's the goal, and the beauty of it. Code once and forget about browsers.

The developer: ...

Me: does your designer know there have been updates since Netscape 4.73?