New RSS feed for this weblog

I have added a new RSS 2.0 feed which includes the full posts with links. The old one (excerpts, no HTML) is maintained at its previous URL, so you will have to update the link if you want to change it. I am not sure of what the best practice is regarding changing RSS feeds (updating through the same URL so existing subscribers see the changes without updating, redirect to the new one, or give each new version its own URL and force subscribers to update manually), so in doubt I kept the "cool URI don't change" approach.

If there is anything wrong (with the new feed or that approach), please let me know.


You did the right thing. When I changed over to RSS2 a while back I decided to handroll my old rdf and xml feeds (I broke the rule) with the new URL built in so folks who were subscribing to them could update without getting some kind of error message.

Incidently, you can have full posts with links for your rdf feed too, by simply changing <$MTEntryExcerpt encode_xml="1"$> to <$MTEntryBody encode_xml="1"$>. It validates. Some newsreaders are better behaved with RSS1 over RSS2 -- I don't know why -- that's changing rapidly.

Ask and you shall receive, I updated all versions to full post. I guess I also need to publicize several choices (which unfortunately tells something about how complex, or immature RSS is).

I just noticed. I have no clue or idea which format is preferable. I'm a neophyte when it comes to all this stuff.

It is complex and I've neither the time or will to find out all the ins and outs. I originally thought I should keep a diet-feed, with excerpts and a fat-feed with full posts. I split this in an arbitrary way along rss1 - diet and rss2 - fat. A bit silly, and I noticed a couple of people switching over to the rss2 feed when it was available. Now both are full on fat buster feeds, not 56K modem friendly. The only difference is the rss2 feed has a link to comments, which updates the feed when a new comment is posted. This could be fairly annoying if you get lots of comments, I get very few.

Another thing I noticed, if I used the 'ç' character in my text, the resultant feed is invalid (I'm anal and I edited it by hand to workaround it, very tiresome), which probably says alot about the immaturity of RSS or my lack of knowledge.

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