It is also said that when I get away from the Net, lots of breaking news travel twice around the blogosphere before, like my corporate PRs, I get a chance to catch them.

About Steve Jobs keynote, at least I got my predictions right, so I can afford to be a bit late, can't I?

Several people have told me they don't like the design of the new G5. The better half and I reckon that all the pictures look suspiciously like computer-generated images (the intro video is particularly striking, as well as the VR panos). And I've learned not to trust a picture to judge the design of a product. My next bet is that the people this machine has been designed for will love it, design included. I know I will, er..., I do, already.

The announcement that the new G5 is simply the fastest personal computer ever has generated some heat around the benchmarks that Apple is using to back up its claim. Among the noise, Slashdot has done a good job at getting sensible explanations from Apple VP of Hardware Product Marketing, Greg Joswiak.

Meanwhile, Intel claims that the world is not ready for mainstream 64-bit computing. I don't know about the world, but Intel is apparently not ready.

Moving on the next prediction, I think we will see a G5 Xserve before that chip goes into a PowerBook. Why? Just look at the PowerMac enclosure and fans system for a clue on how much heat that beast generates. But what do I know, apart that I want one?

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