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I'm diving into Flash MX, trying to understand how it works, notably to get my hands into RIAs. After two hours (mostly fighting to get the whole mysql, php and Apache to work again on my Mac OS X laptop after an upgrade to the latest versions) and a big headache, I can tell only two things: 1. I'm getting rusty at programming. I used to code in assembly language for the Z80, the 6809 and the 68k (that was a looong time ago :-), in Basic, Pascal, Fortran, C, PHP, Javascript, but I'm feeling less and less at ease learning yet another language (although it's more or less ECMAScript in this case). The dinosaur is on its way to fossilization. 2. I need a new laptop with a bigger screen (and I'm not sure it'll be enough to fit the plethora of palettes that Macromedia applications require, it's becoming frightening). Boss, can I get one of these please? :-).