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Dave Shea concludes the CSS lovers vs. haters debate:

People who turn this into a silly all–or–nothing debate are missing the bigger picture here: the user doesn’t give a damn about how you built the site. They want it to load fast, they want it to navigate well, they want it to look good, and they want it to work. The rest of this is, ironically, just semantics.

Do not miss the links to Simon Willinson reloading Dave Winer and Jamie Zawinski in CSS.

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I always try to build my hoped design using a 100% standards compliant approach. Only if I can't obtain what I'm looking for from that approach do I revert to less compliant solutions. And this approach only applies to my personal web projects. If I'm working for someone and they tell me that the design must work in Netscape 4.x I just use the damn tables.

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