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Immaturity, seen positively, is a great innovation fertilizer. The blogosphere, still in its infancy, sees innovations coming on a daily basis.

The serious business area seems to be -- as on the web in general -- the search engine: e.g. Google plus Blogger or Daypop.

Next to it, busy trying to get in the hot business model as well, are all kinds of services based on whatever metrics you can crunch out there: rating, linking, tracking and whatnot.

There are also the just-for-fun experiments, like Blog Shares, which is a quite funny game if you want to forget the nonsense at the real stock markets for a while. This very site is valued $ 1052.73 today and I was surprised to discover that Gavin Bell had already bought 50 shares of it before I even entered the play! It's good to know there are people who want to buy your stuff before you even think about selling something :-).

I also ended up on Blog Street, which might not fall on the just-for-fun category. It dubs itself as:

It is a tool for discovering other blogs which are similar to a blog.
For Blog Authors, their Neighborhood is a pool of blogs to track. Treat it as a list of blogs you *should* be knowing about.
For Readers, it helps them to find more blogs similar to a blog they have liked.
The Blog Neighbourhood groups together blogs of a similar nature, allowing you to find other bloggers writing about the same kind of things.

Interesting ideas, let's look at my neighborhood:

  1. http://tantek.com/log/
  2. anil dash - New York Is Just Getting Int ...
  3. Helpmeblog
  4. Gene Smith's weblog (atomiq.org)
  5. paranoidfish.org/notes/
  6. Kevin Lynch
  7. v-2 Organisation | beauty. utility. ...
  8. web-graphics
  9. waferbaby: we eat bandwidth for breakfas ...
  10. Kaliber10000 { The Designers Lunchbox &# ...

Wow! The webmaster's egorati takes a boost if those are considered "of similar nature". But the padawan takes this just as blogs he should know about and notes he didn't know about four of them.

The list above is far from being even close to the richness of the blogosphere innovations. If anyone knows a good source that keeps track of those, I'd love to hear from you.

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