Six Apart at full warp speed ahead

The Guardian on Battle of the blog builders, or a little insight on the next production of Ben and Mena Trott, TypePad:

Like its rival, Blogger, the new system will be stored along with the user's writing on a central server. This means that, for the first time, budding webloggers who want to use Movable Type - regarded as the one of the most powerful weblog-building systems - will not have to hire server space from hosting companies. Nor will they need to go through the sometimes difficult processes required to install the Movable Type system on their server.

This article also reveals that Joi Ito has invested in Six Apart and helped bring Anil Dash as head of marketing and business development.

I was already excited by the prospect of an enterprise version of MT, but it sounds even better:

These changes to our company definitely mark a new chapter in our history, but our goal is to just get better at what we've been doing, not to alter the way that our company works. Our existing base of Movable Type users should see a lot to be excited about, from improvements to Movable Type due to the development work being done on TypePad and Movable Type Pro, to the larger base of plugins, extensions, and third-party programs that will be developed due to the bigger audience of people using Six Apart products.

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