Safari beta 2

Apple has released the second beta of their browser, Safari. I thought I would be switching now that it has both pop-ups blocking and tab-browsing -- two features that I now can't live without and that are both missing in any IE incarnations but present in Camino -- but it is still not baked enough. Notably, the tab-browsing only works from within Safari, i.e. there is no preference to have links triggered by external applications open in a new tab. A definitive no-no now that I am used to crawl through the news in one batch with NetNewsWire and let it open tabs after tabs in the background for later browsing.

[Update] I was wrong, it is possible to get external applications to open tabs in the same window. Brent Simmons unveils the trick.


actually it opens links on tabs by default

actually it opens links on tabs by default

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