Corporate policies on weblogs

From Cory Doctorow's notes of "Journalism 3.1b2", Dan Gillmor's talk at O'Reilly Emerging Technology conference:

New corporate policies: who inside can keep a blog and what can go on it?
Groove has a formal policy detailing this. Lawyers will try to stop you, esp in public corps -- they'll be written by the same person who writes Barbie's blog

I guess that in the context of this particular presentation, he is referring to journalists' blogs. But it is hard not to imagine that sooner or later, the words weblog and blog may appear more broadly in work contracts or internal policies. This popped into my mind a few days ago while I was reading a friend's blog -- who shall remain anonymous, at least until his employer fires him because of his blog ;-) -- where he is as objective as possible and definitely honest about the market he works in, whatever the company gwana-gwana is at that particular moment.

One can object that weblogs have nothing to do in contracts, because it is a matter of what you can say or write about your work, not where you do it and that no one can forbid you to have a personal site and express personal opinions there. It is very much a matter of common sense, be careful under all circumstances, extra careful when off the record, do not fool on the record.

I am still looking forward into the day where our lawyers will come and ask me what the heck is a blog, and surely they will some day. I just wonder if they will have the URL for this one already.

There is nothing like testing the Matrix ;-).

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