Liberty Pretzels

The French have joined the food war: send a preztel to W!


I would like to inquire if your company is affiliated with any other institution or is franchised to some other organization where it would be possible to be supplied with pretzels, frozen if possible, here in Athens, Greece. I am in the operations department at Village Cinemas Greece and we are attempting to find a pretzel supplier to supply us with this product. If you have any knowledge for the aforementioned, your help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time and concern,

Eric Zoukis
Village Roadshow Greece

Dear Eric
I've just come across you question looking through the net. If you haven't found a supplier yet, I suggest you contact a company called Ditsch on who make the best pretzels in Germany (they speak English) This company would be able to supply the pretzels (called Brezels in German) frozen to you, as they have a large retail network they are supplying in this way in Germany. Send your request to Mr Keienburg who will remember me - the German girl making pretzels in Australia .
Good Luck

I live in Australia and my husband has always wanted one of those giant pretzels you see in the movies. Is there anywhere in Australia, preferably Brisbane that sells them? It is birthday soon and it would be the best surprise...


I want to know I can find some pretzels!!! I love them, they're so yummy. Please tell me I can find them somewhere in Brisbane.

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