Bouc émissaire

Clouds everywhere, nice happy little clouds chez Zeldman, sand clouds in the Gulf.

Bushblair, the new hyperpower chimera, who lost on both diplomatic and legal fronts of the U.N., are blaming Chirac -- a handy scape goat -- for their personal failures, and fueling an anti-France movement that is, basically, dumb xenophobia.

The technology field is in dead waters, so much if you work in IT. The Economy, depending on the mood, is still either crazy or depressed(*). Will our present era be retained as a step forward in the Human journey? Open creativity vs. corporate property? On the political side, the children are in charge. You're with me, or against me. Balance is out, extremism is in.

Our times are so depressing. Blame France on that too, le bouc émissaire doesn't bother anymore.

We can just hope that the grown-ups will eventually get their acts together, realize that the world without one of us can't be a better place, and move on. If I'm not mistaken, here are a few interesting elections to watch:

U.S. Predident: ~October 2004
U.K. Prime Minister: 2005 (next General Election?)
France President: ~May 2007

As we all have learned here on April 21, 2002, "ne pas voter peut provoquer un président grave".

(*) disclaimer: this is from one of my company's ad campaigns, personifying the economy into a nasty greedy man. The campaign is not running anymore, but those clips retain some cold irony. I did the compressions, in three formats, because I can and that giving choices is better than dictating. But I digress...

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