Between the style sheets

Tantek Çelik has published a short presentation on CSS he just gave at SXSW (*). Informative and short, with a few well spread examples that can drive "old school" designers to finally learn more about a modern way of styling their sites.

Our French readers will find more info chez Karl. There is a retranscription of the panel by Matthew Mullenweg linked from Tantek's post above.

(*) Tantek, the Microsoft Tasman lead has tested this on IE5/Mac. But Tantek, the W3C Diplomat, should polish this presentation to work on other browsers and further nail the point of designing with standards (not for browsers). Because it's good content. It looks artistic
on Safari (which is a beta software, so no charge nor pun intended here). And Tantek must have more than enough on his plate at the conference, so fire up IE and have a look.

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