Apple to launch a music service

MacMinute reports on a LA Times paper that "Apple is planning to offer an online music service for Mac users, and only Mac users, that several record labels approve of."

[update] Mercury News: Apple online music service wins kudos. The Register has a different and interesting angle.

Since we're on the subject of both Apple and music, I'd like to add my voice to the growing number of testimonies that CD copy protections are not as efficient as one would like to think. Massive Attack's 100th Window, Ben Harper's Diamonds On The Inside are playing like good old CDs under Mac OS X 10.2 while you can't do anything useful with them on a Windows PC. Usually, the Mac platform is left alone in the dark by the entertainment industry (I still have to find a DVD that has Mac-compatible goodies). Here too, it seems that short-sighted antipiracy companies have forgotten about the rest of us. Good for the rest of us! Spread the word.

Note to the lawyers: I buy my CDs. And it's my fair use right to listen to them on my portable computer or mp3 player. At least now, and in this country.

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what gives? My copy of Ben Harper refuses to do anything (copy, play, rip to mp3) and it is pissing me off... any suggestions?

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