Ça c'est Paris

The three nearest subway stations to the U.S. ambassy in Paris were locked down today, and the anti-terrorists plan (dubbed "Vigipirate") has been reactivated.

While I can understand why the governement wants to protect the U.S. ambassy, I'm wondering if the Vigipirate reactivation is appropriate. From whom are we trying to protect us? Anglosaxons terrorists?Ahem, actually from this.

[Update] Apparently, this plan allows for a broad surveillance of many sensitive places. About a hundred policemen have been deployed around the U.S. embassy as well as the Iraq and U.K. ones. Synagogues are being protected too. 500 militaries have joined the police forces.

The TV channel France 2 reports that a McDonalds fast-food has seen its windows broken by protesters. That is sad, stupid, totally counter-productive and the morons who did that are as worse as the francophobes out there. Les cons sont partout.

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