When machines are smarter than you

People are constantly complaining about those "assistants" in MS Office, which keep getting into their way, and about Microsoft trying to be smarter than them. Yet, more and more bots are added everyday in a desperate fight against spam, obscenity and whatever "unconvenient" content travelling on corporations pipes. With interesting results, nothing that the Dog or the Clip in Word would be ashamed of.

Today's first pick is Jason Kottke's portfolio, categorized as pornography.

We also have UK MPs banned from emails. Apparently their new email filter is "now blocking parts of the Sexual Offences Bill being sent to parliamentary e-mail addresses. It also blocked a Liberal Democrat consultation paper on Censorship."

I like the last one. May it give them a taste of their own medicine before they cast censorship in stone.

A few years ago a colleague was trying to access an IT site and was banned by a company filter (something like webnonsense) because the site was labelled "obscene or inappropriate content". If all IT companies would licence the same software, it would make competitive watch a piece of cake.

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