Michael Moore receives a Ceasar in Paris

Michael Moore just received the César du meilleur documentaire étranger for Bowling for Columbine in Paris tonight. Here is, to the best of my typing speed and deciphering skills (I was trying to filter out the French translation that was disturbing me), what he just said to the audience five minutes ago:

I'm going to be crucified in the American press for what I'm going to say. Without the French, we would not have won our revolution, we wouldn't be independent, we would be speaking British English now. Thank you for having the courage to stand up and say no to war. The majority of us Americans never elected George W. Bush. There are millions of American who appreciate what France is doing. We are living a coup right now in our country, that's why we do not support coups in other countries. The best definition of an ally, is that it's a friend who will tell you when you're wrong. Thank you for taking position for something really important. Many Americans are thinking like you. Thank you for helping us stop this war.

Meryl Streep -- who received an hommage -- said "I have the impression that history is repeating itself. It's as if human beings weren't able to learn from their past mistakes". Earlier during the ceremony, Roman Polanski -- who received seven Césars for The Pianist -- dedicated his prices to the martyrs and heros of WWII.

Spike Lee, who received a César d'honneur, also said kind words of support to France, noting that the French are really making a difference between the American people and their foreign policy. He thanked France for "fighting this war for oil".



Drinking with friends, couldn't hear that. Best post ever.

moore is the best film maker ever. more people are afraid of the truth he tells than any slight mistakes in his film, goto http://mystic_lonewolf.tripod.com for syberite rock opera with bush/moore

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