One problem with simplistic minds is their manicheism. Things are either good or bad -- or evil for the braves who dare to explore a few nuances. Since they are not equipped to decipher subtle things, they have a 50% chance to be wrong in many of their judgments (and they are very prone to judge).

In an unrelated post (quoique) I linked to Dermot O'Connor's hilarious Gulf War 2 Flash game. Dermot has since posted selected pieces of feedback he has received from viewers. He summarizes them very well:

Some of the folks out there seem to want to live in a country where dissent is crushed. Fine...then YOU leave. North Korea is nice this time of year.

An American colleague who has sent the link to this game around is now called names and traitor to the pacifist cause by people who took it as a call for war.

It's dangerous to expose simple minds to humor and derision. All the others can enjoy Dermot's new production: Ashcroft Online 1.0.

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