Buy yourself Karma on Slashdot

Thanks to eBay and an opportunist Slashdot member, you can buy a venerable Slahdot account as if you were there from the beginning:

This account's excellent karma allows you to speak slightly "louder" than other people . You can earn the karma on your own through painstakingly composed, wise comments garnering the praise of others like I have. You can scour the internet for stories to submit that just might be of significant enough merit to get published on the front page like I have. But you can never hope to get the low ID of this account.

Karma is what makes Slashdot usable despite one of the cheapest geek-designed site ever, it's a sort of time-proofed, community awarded vernis that veterans acquire and allows a reader to skim down to the interesting content by filtering out me-toos, trolls, rants and "where can I find big t1ts video sample clip?" nonsense.

Within the slashdot community, a low ID declares that you are in fact incapable of being a troll.

Looks like it's not true anymore, as any troll with a credit card or a Paypal account can now spoil a venerable community for a couple of bucks:

You were there in the early days, part of the community before it made it to the mainstream. So unless you make a time machine, this is your only chance to make yourself cooler than you really were back then. This is your chance to buy reputation, trust and esteem.

And all that for $32.99 as of today. Reputation is cheap nowadays.

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