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I've just received an email that looked like spam asking me to check the just relaunched site. It goes like this:

yada yada yadada award winning top quality news yadada If you have accepted a cookie you're cooked yada yada we've trashed the old crap and reinvented the wheel with a proprietary platform yada we've discovered that tab navigation can improve your browsing [Note to self: warn SBC about that] yada dayada...

The email does not even sport the site URL in a clickable way. It provides an email contact for feedback though.

OK, I gave it a look. In terms of design, it doesn't ring a bell, actually it looks undistinguishly like any news portal. They are still on the blue + flashy green combination that marked a generation of 30-something instant millionaires. But, hang on, don't you recognize this sarcastic tone of the headlines? That's right, directly copied from El Reg :). The liberty of tone seems to end at the home page though, so you may prefer to stick to the original.

[Update] A very authorized source in this matter tells me that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I'm no one to contest that. I'm also a big fan of news sites, so vive online journalism!