SBC Communications claims they own Patent on Internal links

Now this promises to either make a big fuzz, or a ridicule flop. Excerpt from the Museum Tour web site:

We received a 40 page package from SBC Intellectual Property today informing us that our web site – which has links on the left side that go to other web pages within the site – but does not lose the left side navigation links – was in violation of their “Structured Document Browser” Patent.

Can I transfer the claim to Ben and Mena if I get a letter?

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This is one of the worst/useless uses of the system that I have seen so far this year. I might as well create a patent for my unique online content management system or our ad server or the color of the sky at exactly 5 minutes before sundown. SBC; please spend your time on making this world a better place.
P.S. SBC: If ticked you off for whatever reason (like not paying a phone bill perhaps?), there are better ways to handle this situation.

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