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NetNewsWire from ranchero software is a little addictive software sweetie that news whores and blog hunters can't live without. It's simple, sleek and easy. It stands by its signature: "More news, less junk. Faster".

There is a Pro version coming (that you can test in beta, which stability is good enough for me). This version adds a weblog editor with which you can manage your weblog online and offline. Bloggers using Movable Type, Radio and Blogger will be happy to discover that the latest version (1.0b13) now allows them to set categories, which was the only reason why I was not using it to edit my blog before.

Kuddos to Brent Simmons for this web jewel.

Wintel users who are not yet ready to discover that there is a life outside Microsoft may check Syndirella for an equivalent news reader.

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