IP Justice

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Robin Gross, former Electronic Frontier Foundation attorney, is launching a new watchdog group called IP Justice. Gross is stressing that IP laws are an international issue and that it might be helpful to think out of the box and seek help abroad before it's too late. In a CNET interview, Gross pointed at good old Europe:
[...] there are a lot of countries that are trying to put forth some resistance to this maximalist IP agenda that Hollywood is imposing on the rest of the world. I think there are groups in Germany and France that are working hard to stop similar laws that are being pushed there, but it's too early in the game to see what's effective and what's not.
Those days, I find it refreshing to find people in Almighty Hyperpuissance who are able to bring that there are other countries out there, with their own laws. Likewise, I wish that citizens in those countries would watch their governments and in particular some bigger institution, to protect them against some local pigopolists. Sorry, I can't get to the RIAA site, it seems to be down. Or under attack, again?